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Illinois Attorney for Owners of Dogs Attacked By Another Dog

Illinois dog-on-dog attack attorney

Dogs Bitten by Other Dogs Injury Lawyer in Kane County and DuPage County

Every year, around 4.5 million people suffer dog bites in the United States. In many cases, a victim who has suffered a dog bite injury may pursue compensation from the dog's owner. However, what about when a dog attacks, injures, or kills another dog? How does the law address these situations, and what legal options are available to the owner of a pet that has been bitten by another animal?

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we understand that a beloved pet is like a member of your family. If your dog has been injured or killed by someone else's dog, we will work with you to hold that dog's owner responsible and help ensure that you are fully compensated for your damages.

Compensation for Dog-on-Dog Attacks

While we tend to see dogs and other pets as faithful companions and beloved family members, they are actually treated as property under the law. Thus, an injury to a dog that is inflicted by another dog would be treated as property damage. This means that the owner of a dog that is injured or killed may be able to recover compensation for the actual costs resulting from the attack.

While the expenses related to an injured animal may not be as large as those involved in medical treatment for a person, they can still be significant. The veterinary bills for emergency treatment can be very high, especially if surgery is needed. If a dog dies because of an attack, damages may include the original cost of purchasing the dog, as well as any related expenses if the dog had to be euthanized because of severe injuries. A dog's owner may also be able to receive compensation for any special training their pet received, such as service dog or guide dog training.

The ability to recover compensation when a dog has attacked another dog may depend on whether the dog's owner acted negligently. If a person allowed their dog to roam unleashed or if they did not properly supervise their pet at a dog park, they may be considered negligent. A person's previous designation as a "reckless dog owner" or a dog being identified as a "vicious" or "dangerous" dog under Illinois law may also be a factor in these cases.

In many cases involving dog-on-dog attacks, smaller dogs are injured by larger dogs. Depending on the difference in size and the viciousness of the attack, a small dog may suffer serious harm or be killed in these types of incidents. Owners of dogs that are known to be aggressive breeds should be sure to closely monitor their pets when they are around other animals, and if they fail to do so, they may be held responsible for the harm caused to the other dog and its owner.

Contact an Illinois Dog Attack Lawyer

An attack on your beloved dog can feel like an assault on your family. If your pet has been injured by another dog, you should be sure to understand your options for pursuing compensation from that animal's owner. The attorneys of Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices can provide you with the legal help you need during this difficult time, and we will work to ensure that the negligent dog owner is held responsible for the damages your family has suffered. To arrange a free consultation, contact our office today by calling 630-552-6860.

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If you have suffered a dog bite injury, our personal injury lawyers can help you determine the actual value of the damages you have suffered, and we will work to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 630-552-6860 or fill out the form below to arrange a free consultation.

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