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Illinois Animal Attack Attorney for Unleashed and Roaming Dogs

Kane County dog bite attorney for dogs running loose

Lawyers for Dog Bite Injuries Caused by Dogs Running Loose in DuPage County and Kane County

An animal attack can be a terrifying experience, and a dog bite can lead to painful and debilitating injuries and even permanent scarring and disfigurement. While any type of dog attack can be difficult to deal with, a victim may be unsure of their options if they are bitten by a dog that is roaming freely off of a leash. In these cases, it is crucial to obtain legal representation.

The attorneys of Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices are dedicated to providing legal help for those who have been injured by others' negligence. We work to help those who have been injured by dog bites recover compensation from the owners of the animals in question. If you have suffered a serious injury in a dog attack, we can ensure that your rights are protected as you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Illinois Laws Regarding Unleashed Dogs

Under Illinois' liability laws, a dog's owner is liable for civil damages for any injuries caused when their animal attacks or attempts to attack someone without provocation, as long as the victim was conducting themselves peaceably in a location where they were allowed to be. If a dog is found running "at large," it may be captured and impounded, after which it will be scanned for any microchip that would identify the animal's owner. Other methods of identification may also be used to determine ownership, such as identification tags or rabies license tags.

A dog may be deemed a "potentially dangerous dog" if it is found unsupervised and at large with at least three other dogs. A dog will be designated a "dangerous dog" if, while it was unmuzzled, unleashed, or unattended by its owner, it acted in a way that caused a reasonable person to believe it posed a threat of injury or death to a person or another dog, or if it bit a person without causing a serious injury. A dog will be considered a "vicious dog" if it attacked a person without justification and caused serious physical injury or death, or if it was deemed a dangerous dog on three separate occasions.

A person may be considered a "reckless dog owner" if their dog attacks and kills another dog without justification on a location other than their own property. It is against the law to allow a dangerous dog to leave its owner's property unless it is on a leash. Vicious dogs must be kept inside an "enclosure," which is defined as a fence or structure that is at least six feet tall with secure sides, top, and bottom, as well as tethers or any other methods that will keep the dog from escaping.

If any dog that is roaming off a leash attacks someone, determining the identity of a dog's owner and holding them responsible for injuries may be difficult. However, Illinois law requires dogs that are impounded to be microchipped, and there are a variety of other methods that can help identify the owner of an impounded animal. If a dog is caught after biting a victim, an experienced attorney can work with animal control officers or law enforcement officials to identify the owner and take the necessary measures to hold them responsible for the injuries suffered.

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At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we have the knowledge and experience to help you recover compensation for dog bite injuries. If you were attacked by an animal that was unleashed, we can help you understand your rights, work to identify the owner, and pursue financial compensation that fully addresses your damages. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office at 630-552-6860.

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If you have suffered a dog bite injury, our personal injury lawyers can help you determine the actual value of the damages you have suffered, and we will work to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 630-552-6860 or fill out the form below to arrange a free consultation.

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