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DuPage County Dog Attack Lawyer for Non-Bite Injuries

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Attorneys for Animal Attack Injuries in Naperville and Throughout Illinois

The injuries a person may suffer after being attacked by a dog can be very serious, but not all of them come directly from dog bites. There are a variety of other ways a dog can injure a person, but regardless of the specific source of the injury, a dog's owner should be held responsible for the harm their animal caused.

The personal injury attorneys of Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices are highly experienced in cases involving dog attacks. If you or a member of your family have been hurt by a dog or other animal, we will work with you to ensure that you are fully compensated for all of the damages you have suffered.

Types of Non-Bite Injuries in Dog Attacks

In addition to dog bites, victims of animal attacks may be injured by:

  • Scratches - A dog's claws can cause serious cuts and lacerations, as well as scarring and disfigurement, especially if a person's face is affected. Claw injuries to the neck may cause severe blood loss that could potentially result in death.
  • Falls - A large dog can easily knock someone to the ground, and this type of fall may result in bone fractures, including broken wrists, ankles, or kneecaps. A person may also suffer severe sprains, dislocations of joints such as knees or shoulders, or whiplash. A fall to a hard surface can also result in traumatic brain injuries, which could lead to permanent mental impairment or death.
  • Traffic accidents - A dog that is roaming unleashed could cause a variety of motor vehicle collisions or other types of accidents. A driver who swerves to avoid a dog could run off the road or collide with other vehicles, causing serious injuries or death to multiple drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.
  • Bicycle or motorcycle crashes - If a dog attacks a person riding a motorcycle or bike, they may suffer serious injuries in a fall, and these injuries could be fatal, even if the person was wearing a helmet. 
  • Non-contact injuries - A person may suffer an injury because they are startled, surprised, or scared by a dog. Even if a dog is on a leash or behind a fence, it may bark loudly or charge at someone, causing the person to jump or run away, which could result in fall injuries or collisions with automobiles, bicycles, or other pedestrians. The stress and panic induced by a dog's actions could also lead to serious conditions such as heart attacks or seizures.

According to Illinois liability laws, a dog's owner is liable for damages that occur when their dog "attacks, attempts to attack, or injures" a person. This means a victim can recover compensation not only for dog bites, but for injuries suffered in any type of dog attack, including those in which a dog never touched them.

Contact a Kane County Dog Attack Attorney

Dogs can be vicious and frightening, and the injuries they can cause may be much more extensive than just a bite wound. If you have been attacked by a dog, our lawyers can help you document the full extent of your damages, including physical injuries, emotional trauma, property damage, and more. We will work to hold the dog's owner responsible for the harm their animal has done to you, ensuring that you can make a full recovery. To arrange a free consultation and learn more about your legal options as a dog attack victim, contact us at 630-552-6860.

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If you have suffered a dog bite injury, our personal injury lawyers can help you determine the actual value of the damages you have suffered, and we will work to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 630-552-6860 or fill out the form below to arrange a free consultation.

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