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Naperville Dog Bite Lawyer for Injury Cases Involving Aggressive Breeds

Illinois animal attack attorney for dangerous dog breeds

Attorneys for Dog Attacks by Pit Bulls and Rottweilers in DuPage County

Many dogs are loving pets, and they can often seem like a member of the family. However, as human as they may appear, dogs are still animals, and they can act aggressively and unexpectedly. Even a dog that has never displayed hostile tendencies may bite someone, causing serious injuries. While any type of dog bite may cause harm to a victim, certain breeds may be especially aggressive or dangerous.

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we understand the legal issues involved in dog bite cases, and we can work with you to pursue compensation for your injuries. If a dog's owner did not take the proper steps to protect against injuries by a dog that had the potential to be dangerous, we can help you ensure that they are held responsible for the damages that occurred as a result.

Potentially Dangerous Dog Breeds

The idea that certain dog breeds are more aggressive or dangerous than others is somewhat controversial. Many people believe that a dog's training, level of socialization with people and other animals, and any history of mistreatment or abuse are factors that are more likely to cause a dog to attack someone. However, the fact remains that certain dog breeds are more likely to cause injuries or fatalities.

Some breeds that may be more likely to be aggressive include:

  • Pit bulls - These dogs have been bred for dog fighting and to serve as guard dogs, and they can often be overprotective of territory and aggressive toward other animals or children. Due to their strong jaws, their bites can be very dangerous. They are responsible for around 66% of fatal dog attacks.
  • Rottweilers - These dogs can be very loyal and protective. They were bred to herd animals and hunt prey, and their size, strength, and aggressiveness can lead to serious injuries. They are responsible for around 10% of dog bite fatalities.
  • German shepherds - This breed often serves as loyal service dogs, including working with police officers or rescue workers. However, when they attack a person, they can be relentless and ruthless, inflicting severe injuries. They are involved in around 5% of fatal dog attacks.
  • Bulldogs - While these dogs are often friendly, they can be fiercely protective, and they have extremely powerful jaws that can lock tightly when biting a victim, leading to injuries such as broken bones or nerve damage.
  • Mastiffs - These dogs can be very large and powerful, weighing over 100 pounds. They are often trained as guard dogs or hunting dogs, and because of their size and strength, they can seriously injure victims.
  • Labrador retrievers - While these dogs are very friendly, and they are typically safe around children, their fierce loyalty may cause them to attack anyone they see as a threat to their family. While they are not usually involved in fatal attacks, they may bite strangers or people who enter their territory.
  • Cross-breeds - A dog may have an ancestry that includes one or more aggressive breeds. Some types of cross-breeds that may be dangerous include bullmastiffs (a bulldog/mastiff mix) and wolfdogs (hybrids between wolves and domesticated dog breeds).

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Since some dog breeds have aggressive tendencies or are known for dangerous behavior, owners of these types of dogs should take care to provide the proper training and supervision for their pets. If you have suffered a dog bite, our attorneys can help you hold a negligent dog owner responsible, and we will work to ensure that you are fully compensated for the injuries you have experienced. Contact us at 630-552-6860 for a free consultation.

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If you have suffered a dog bite injury, our personal injury lawyers can help you determine the actual value of the damages you have suffered, and we will work to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call us at 630-552-6860 or fill out the form below to arrange a free consultation.

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