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Dog Bites Threaten Postal Workers Making Holiday Deliveries

 Posted on December 12, 2022 in Dog Bite Injuries

Naperville dog bite injury lawyerDuring the pandemic and the “new normal” that has followed, home deliveries have skyrocketed, and, unfortunately, so have dog bites. Last year, more than 5,400 postal employees in the country were attacked by dogs with Illinois ranking among the top ten states with the most number of dog bites. Now that we are in the thick of the holiday rush, it is probably a good idea to keep your pooch indoors or behind a secured fence if you want to avoid legal trouble.

Dog Bite Law in Illinois 

Aggressive dog behaviors pose a serious threat to postal employees. Last year, at least 226 mail carriers in Illinois reported that they suffered canine bites. A vicious dog attack can cause serious injuries as well as emotional trauma. Under state law, a dog owner is liable if their dog hurts someone, regardless of whether or not the owner knew that the dog might be dangerous.

A person does not need to prove that the dog owner acted negligently. If a dog or any animal for that matter attacks, tries to attack, or injures someone who is peacefully conducting themselves, in an area where they can lawfully be, and they do not provoke the animal, then the dog owner is liable for the dog’s actions. If their dog bites someone, even if it is the first time exhibiting such behavior, they are still liable. However, this is different if it involves an intruder and the dog is protecting its territory. The same is true if someone provokes the dog. In these cases, the dog owner would likely not be liable for the dog biting someone.

If you happen to be dog-sitting, you could be held liable if the dog attacks someone under your watch. A dog owner is considered to be the person who keeps or harbors the animal and acts as its caretaker. So, you do not have to be the rightful owner to be held responsible for a dog bite.

Insurance and Liability

Dog bites range from nips to horrific vicious attacks. Some injuries can lead to permanent disability and disfigurement as well as nerve damage. Insurance policies for homeowners and renters alike usually cover legal expenses up to the policy limits. But nowadays, insurance companies are trying to limit their liability by requesting homeowners to sign a dog bite waiver to insure homeowners who own certain breeds.

Contact a Naperville Dog Bite Lawyer 

If you or someone you know has suffered a dog bite injury you should contact an experienced DuPage County dog bite attorney. At Dog Bite Injury Lawyer - Mevorah Law Offices LLC we review your case and try to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call 630-552-6860 for a free consultation.





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