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Illinois Bicyclists Should Watch Out for Dog Attacks

 Posted on September 21, 2021 in Dog Bite Injuries

Aurora Dog Bite Injury AttorneyBicyclists are some of the most frequent victims of dog attack injuries, especially when a dog is allowed to roam freely or without a leash. Dogs not only have the instinct to defend their territory, but also to chase after fast-moving objects that cross their path. Unfortunately, this means a bicyclist can be an attractive target, even for a dog that is not particularly aggressive. If you are injured by a dog while riding your bike, an attorney can help you pursue compensation from the dog’s owner.

Avoiding Dog Attacks While Biking

Coming across an unleashed dog while biking can be unpredictable and difficult to avoid. However, there are some safety precautions that can help bicyclists avoid being injured. If you see a dog in the distance while riding your bike, you may try to adjust your route to give the dog a wide berth. If the dog is closer and has already begun chasing you, trying to outrun it is often a bad idea. It may be safer to dismount and start walking your bike so that you are not as enticing to a dog who wants to chase a fast object. You can also keep your bike between you and the dog to use it as a barrier in case the dog becomes aggressive. Commanding the dog in a firm, authoritative voice may also convince the dog to back off.

Taking the Right Steps After an Injury

Dogs can cause injuries to bicyclists either by directly biting or attacking, usually on the lower legs, or by getting in a bicyclist's way and causing them to lose control of the bike. Crashing or falling off of a bike can result in severe injuries, including broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

If you have been injured in any way by a dog while riding a bike, one of your first steps should be to get medical help. However, it is also important to do what you can to identify the dog’s owner. According to Illinois law, dog owners are strictly liable for any injuries caused by their dogs, not just injuries caused by dog bites. This can include injuries sustained in bike accidents caused by a dog. By filing a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner, you can recover compensation for your medical bills and other damages related to your injuries.

Contact an Illinois Dog Bite Attorney

It is also a good idea to contact an experienced Illinois dog attack injury attorney as soon as possible. At Dog Bite Injury Lawyer - Mevorah Law Offices LLC, we can help you determine who a dog belongs to and file a claim to get the compensation you need. For a free initial consultation, call us today at 630-552-6860.





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