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What to Do If You Are Threatened by an Unleashed Dog in Illinois

 Posted on March 31, 2021 in Dog Bite Injuries

Illinois dog bit injury attorneyWhether you are spending a day at the park or you are out for a walk, jog, or bike ride, an encounter with an unfamiliar, unleashed dog may put you ill at ease, especially if the dog shows signs of aggression. In some cases, what starts as threatening behavior could turn into an attack that leaves you seriously injured. It is important to know what you should do if you are threatened by an unrestrained dog, as well as how you may be able to recover compensation if you are bitten or attacked.

How to React to a Threatening Dog

Dogs are territorial animals, and if you enter an area that they consider to be their territory, whether you are in a public place or passing by their owner’s home, they may react aggressively. If a dog growls, barks, bares its teeth, or raises its fur as you approach, it is important to stay calm and react appropriately to give yourself a better chance of avoiding an attack.

The ASPCA recommends slowing down, attempting to back away, and avoiding direct eye contact when you encounter an aggressive, unleashed dog. If possible, you should also attempt to move so that there is an obstacle between you and the dog, and in some cases, using a firm voice to command the dog to sit or stay may help to de-escalate the situation. Making sudden loud noises or approaching the dog aggressively yourself is likely to make the dog feel threatened and may make it more likely to attack, whereas trying to run away may encourage the dog to chase you. If a dog does attempt to attack you, the ASPCA recommends that you try to use an object like a bag, umbrella, or nearby stick as a shield to defend yourself, and to focus on protecting your head and face.

Steps to Take if You Are Injured

If you suffer injuries from a bite or attack by an unleashed dog, you should seek immediate medical attention to mitigate the effects of the wounds and prevent infection. You should also notify local law enforcement and animal control, who may be able to identify and contain the dog to prevent further attacks. Law enforcement may also be able to identify the dog’s owner, allowing you to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation under Illinois’s strict liability law.

Contact an Illinois Dog Bite Attorney

An attorney who has experience with dog bite cases can also help you understand your options and work toward a fair outcome if you have been injured. At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we are committed to achieving compensation for dog attack injury victims’ medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. Contact our Illinois dog bite lawyers today at 630-552-6860 for a free consultation.






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