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What Permanent Injuries Can a Dog Attack Cause?

 Posted on December 01, 2021 in Dog Bite Injuries

illinois dog bite lawyerBeing attacked by a dog can be a terrifying experience that leaves you both physically and mentally scarred. The injuries caused by even a single dog bite can be severe and permanent. Some injuries may fade over time, but others may not. Especially when parts of the body like the hands and face are bitten, a dog bite victim’s injuries can last years or even a lifetime. If you are attacked or bitten by a dog, it is important to seek prompt medical care, and then call an attorney as soon as possible. 

What Types of Permanent Injury Can a Dog Bite Cause?

Getting urgent medical attention after a dog bite may help to mitigate the extent of the harm done, but serious and disabling injuries can still occur. More minor bites or bites by smaller dogs may require only stitching and cause no lasting harm. However, when larger dogs bite or if an attack was severe enough, a dog bite injury could impact the rest of your life. Permanent injuries that can be sustained during dog attacks include: 

  • Disfigurement - Scarring after a serious dog attack may be intensive and permanently alter your appearance. Facial disfigurement, in particular, can be life-altering and cause significant physical and psychological damage. Plastic surgery may be necessary in some cases. 

  • Hand and wrist function - The numerous delicate bones that make up the human hand can be easily broken and may not heal well. Even soft tissue or nerve injuries in the hand or wrist can permanently affect your use of the limb. For those who work with their hands and need dexterity, such as typists and professional drivers, this type of injury can end your career. 

  • Amputations - Sadly, this is particularly likely to happen to child victims whose smaller size renders them more vulnerable. When a limb is damaged significantly during a dog attack, there is a chance it will have to be amputated. You may need to relearn daily tasks to accommodate a missing arm or leg. Amputations can be devastating, physically and mentally. 

  • Psychological problems - Severe emotional disturbances can come about after a particularly serious or traumatic dog attack. Some dog bite victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a chronic issue, in response to the attack. Psychological problems can be just as disabling as physical health problems, and may linger for years. Although the law here is complicated, it is sometimes possible to recover compensation for emotional injuries after a dog attack. 

It may take weeks or more after your dog attack to determine whether you will suffer any permanent damage. It is best to contact an attorney right after the attack, whether or not you initially think your injuries are serious. 

Call an Illinois Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

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