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When is a Dog Considered Dangerous in Illinois?

 Posted on December 17, 2020 in Dog Bite Injuries

Illinois dog bite injury attorneyMany people think of dogs as friendly animals, and this is often true, especially when they are cared for by responsible pet owners. However, if you have been bitten by a dog, you know just how dangerous they can sometimes be. In certain circumstances, a dog may be classified as dangerous, or even vicious, under Illinois law, and you may have questions about how these classifications can come into play in your case for compensation.

Illinois’s Dangerous Dog Classification

According to the Illinois Animal Control Act, there are two primary circumstances under which a dog can be defined as dangerous:

  1. When the dog is off its owner’s property, unattended by its owner, without a leash or muzzle, and acting in a way that threatens a person or their pet.
  2. When the dog bites someone without cause, if the bite does not result in a serious injury.

If the bite does result in serious or deadly injuries, or if the dog has been classified as dangerous three different times, the dog will instead be considered “vicious.” A dog may also be considered “potentially dangerous” if it is found running unrestrained and unsupervised in the company of at least three other dogs.

Dangerous Dogs and Owner Liability

A dog does not need to have been previously classified as dangerous or vicious in order for you to pursue compensation for your dog bite injuries. Illinois has a strict liability law when it comes to dog bites, meaning that the dog’s owner is considered liable for all damages related to your injuries if you have been bitten or otherwise attacked by his or her dog without provocation. This is true regardless of the owner’s awareness of the dog’s history of violence or the dog’s behavior at the time of the attack, or whether or not the attack was the result of the owner’s negligence.

However, the attack in which you were bitten may be sufficient to classify the dog as dangerous or vicious, depending on the severity of your injuries, so it is important to notify law enforcement and hold the owner accountable. The owner of a dangerous or vicious dog may be required to pay a fine and take measures to prevent future attacks, including spaying or neutering and microchipping the dog, supervising the dog more closely, keeping the dog in a secure enclosure, and having the dog evaluated by a behavioral specialist. If a dog has been previously classified as vicious or dangerous and the owner fails to take the required actions, he or she can also face criminal charges for subsequent injuries the dog causes.

Contact an Illinois Dog Bite Injury Attorney

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we believe it is important not only to help you recover full compensation for your dog bite injuries, but also to ensure that dog owners keep their dogs from putting your community at risk. If you have been injured, contact an Illinois dog bite lawyer for a free consultation at 630-552-6860.




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